Gallery D-7 Praivacy Policy

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1. The basic thinking

Gallery D-7 (From under Our Site)
who will collect cutsomers informations for smooth management,
and the informations will treat strictly.

2. Scope of information collected

(1) Our Site will collect Domain, IP Address, Visitor Information automatically.
(2) If you want to have Mailing Maagazine of our site that you need to register for.

3. Purpose

(1) Collected informations in 2 0f (1) that only use smooth management for reference.
(2) Collected mail address in 2 of (2) that only use for sending our Mailling Magazines.

4. Use and offer limited

Our site collected Customer informations that we never give anyone,
but if demand by Law, Illegal Access, Any illegal act and others seacial cause that will show.

5. Security measures

Our company will keep customers informations carefully,
and we will prevent leakage of informations, loss and erased by mistake.

6. Disclosure of personal information

Our Site never collect Personal informations without customers permission,
so we can't answer any personal question if you were registrant.
Futher, if you want to cancel Mailling Magazine or change your personal information that you can do yourself.

7. Scope of application

This Privacy Policies are only applying on our site.
Any other Privacy Policies are dealing with each organizations or companies.

Contact Infomations

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